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Page Authority (PA) Checker

There is in general two values that gives good hints about how well a webpage will rank in Google, and that is Page Authority and Domain Authority. PA ranges between 0 to 100 (higher = better), and 100 is only given to about 10 sites in the world. The scores are generated using a wide range of given properties and AI (Artificial Intelligence / machine learning). 

What is a good or bad score?

There is no exact values, but in generall you should stay away from sites with less then 10 in PA. But keep in mind that the score is based on comparative metric there is really no knowing what the max and min is. If you runt a site in a very small nisch, then there might not be any sites with a higher score then about 20. Its recommended to do some research against your competitors to see how high PA your best competitors has. Please use our tool for doing that research.