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Make sure your links uses the correct dofollow or nofollow tags.

Its very common that sites leaks 'link power'  to other sites or internal pages unintended. Our tool makes it possible to check all links in a page.

DoFollow links
The most valuable link is a dofollow link, it will pass link trust and tell google that the linked page is of high value. Using DoFollow links is a good thing for promoting your internal pages, for example linking a subpage from your index.

NoFollow links
A no follow link is a good way to link external sites without putting your own brand on the line. Its very often used for ads and informational links. If you are going to sell a link then make sure it is a NoFollow link since Google does not approve any other sold links.

Internal and External links
Check how many internal and external links you got in total. Try to keep the external links to a minimum, otherwise it might appear like spam or linkfarms.