Adsense Calculator

Adsense Calculator

Use our tool to calculate your potential profit based on impressions, clickthrough rate and cost per click.

What is Impressions, clickthrough rate and Pageviews

A pageview is when you load a full webpage. One impression is the showing of one banner. A webpage usually contains at least 3 banners/ads per page resulting in that one pageview generates 3 banner impressions.

Small webpages usually gets paid per click, CPC (Cost per Click), or per sale also refered to as Cost per Action (CPA). Bigger sites with high amount of quality traffic/visitors might also get paid for just the impressions, this is usually called CPM (Cost per Thousand) and often used to enhance brand awareness. 

How much do you usually get paid?

This depends alot on the quality of the traffic. A forum related to Stamps might only pay a few cents per click. While a forum or webpage related to hosting or networking might pay several dollars per click. It all depends on where the money and companies are willing to invest. The market for IT is alot bigger then those about Stamps resulting in higher competition and higher prices per click. Same goes with Impressions (CPM) and cost per action (CPA).

There is sites that makes $10.000 on just a few thousand  visitors per month, while other sites with millions of users only makes pennies.  But to break it down to some sort of average.

1. A normal cost per click (CPC) ranges between $0.5-8
2. A real sale usually pays really well, about $50-150 for just generating one sale (forexample a new customer orders a hosting package, or takes a loan)
3. A standard rate for CPM is about $1-$10. CPM is often very attractive since that ensures a fairly steady income. High paying CPM programs often pays above $2.5 CPM. But it is hard to get a good CPM deal, you usually need at least 1000 visitors per day. there is sites with over 10.000 visitors per day that still don't get any CPM due to low traffic.,